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About MCAW

Learn more about the Massachusetts Center for Adolescent Wellness pictured hereWelcome to Massachusetts Center for Adolescent Wellness (MCAW), where we cultivate hope and resilience in young people. Our organization is deeply committed to fostering mental health and well-being among adolescents. We take a comprehensive and personalized approach to mental health treatment, ensuring each individual’s unique needs are met.

By focusing on researched therapeutic methods such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, combined with a robust arts and music therapy program, we aim to treat those struggling with new or existing conditions holistically. At MCAW, we believe in empowering adolescents to navigate their emotional journeys, helping them to flourish and build a foundation for a healthier and brighter future.

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About Massachusetts Center for Adolescent Wellness

Massachusetts Center for Adolescent Wellness provides mental health treatment outpatient programs that offer therapy and support to adolescents between the ages of 13 and 17 years old and their families or loved ones.

At MCAW, we harness the power of evidence-based therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, and blend it with holistic programs like arts and music therapy to create a multifaceted treatment plan that caters to the complex and unique needs of teenagers.

What Does MCAW Offer?

Our programs include individual therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, and family therapy sessions. We also offer specialized treatment for conditions such as depression, anxiety, self-harm behaviors, eating disorders, substance abuse, trauma-related disorders, and more.

Some of our treatment modalities include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy – A goal-oriented treatment that focuses on changing negative patterns of thinking and behaviors
  • Dialectical behavior therapy – A skills-based approach to help individuals regulate emotions, improve relationships, and develop healthy coping mechanisms
  • Art therapy – Using creative expression to explore and process thoughts and emotions in a safe and non-verbal way
  • Music therapy – Using music to promote relaxation, increase self-awareness, and improve communication and social skills
  • Mindfulness-based therapy – Incorporating mindfulness techniques to increase self-awareness and reduce stress and anxiety
  • Trauma-informed therapy – Addressing the impact of trauma on mental health and using specialized techniques to help individuals heal
  • Motivational interviewing – A collaborative approach to helping individuals identify and achieve their goals

We believe that the combination of these various therapies is the key to effective treatment. Individual methods, while powerful in their own right, can be exponentially more beneficial when used in tandem. At Massachusetts Center for Adolescent Wellness, we’re not just treating symptoms. We’re fueling the journey to a brighter, healthier future for adolescents, one step at a time.

Why Choose MCAW?

At MCAW, we understand that adolescence is a critical time of physical and emotional development. Our team consists of experienced mental health professionals specializing in treating adolescents, ensuring that each patient receives individualized care tailored to their needs.

We also prioritize family involvement in the treatment process, recognizing the crucial role that family support plays in an adolescent’s well-being. Through education and therapy for both adolescents and their families, we aim to strengthen relationships and create a supportive environment for long-term recovery.

Our team is here to answer any questions about our therapeutic services. If your loved one is struggling with mental or behavioral health concerns, there is hope. We work with families to rebuild trust and relationships. The first step towards recovery is seeking help. At MCAW, we are here to guide you through the treatment process and find a plan that supports your adolescent’s needs.

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At the Massachusetts Center for Adolescent Wellness, we’re dedicated to providing compassionate, comprehensive, and personalized care for every adolescent who walks through our doors. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions or are ready to start this important journey with us.

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