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How it Works

At MCAW, we understand that choosing the right treatment facility for your child can be difficult. Our priority is to help families navigate the admission process with comfort and ease. Our team of professionals is committed to standing by your side every step of the way. Give our Admissions Team a call to get started today! 

Admissions Process

The process at MCAW begins with a call to our Admissions Team at 855.940.6229. During this call, our knowledgeable and supportive Admissions Team will obtain the pertinent clinical and demographic information to begin the assessment process. Typically, parents or legal guardians will make the first call to our team and provide the details about their adolescent.

If the candidate for admission is currently at another treatment facility or has recently been hospitalized, we may request that certain records be forwarded for clinical review:

  • Most recent psychiatric evaluation
  • Most recent history and physical
  • Most recent psycho-social history
  • Most recent clinical notes (if currently in a treatment program)
  • List of current medications, including dosage and frequency
  • Other clinical or educational records that may be useful

Once the clinical information has been reviewed by our Admissions Team, a determination of viability is given. For those adolescents who are not accepted for treatment, a reason for the denial is provided, and recommendations for other adolescent treatment options.

Admission Criteria

The primary criteria we consider when admitting an adolescent is their ability to benefit from the treatment methods we offer at MCAW. In addition, we require the patient to be medically and psychiatrically stable.

If your loved one meets the following admissions criteria, please call us to discuss which type of treatment might be best.

  • Diagnosed as having a mental illness
  • Between 13 and 17 years old
  • Able to participate in treatment programming and services
  • Free of major medical conditions
  • Other clinical or educational records may be useful
  • Initiates and participates in social interaction with staff supervision

More Information

Our team is ready to answer any additional questions about the therapeutic services we offer. If your loved one is struggling with mental or behavioral health concerns, there is hope. We work with families to rebuild trust and relationships. The first step of recovery is reaching out for help for the problem. At MCAW, we are here to help you navigate the treatment process and find a treatment plan that supports your adolescent’s needs.