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Adolescent Therapy Programs

adolescent woman sits on a couch and is talking to her therapist in one of her mental health therapy programsAt Massachusetts Center for Adolescent Wellness, we utilize a comprehensive approach to treat various mental and behavioral health concerns. Our highly trained professionals work with patients and their families to develop a treatment plan that addresses their unique concerns in our mental health therapy programs in Massachusetts. We are trained in family therapy and work to rebuild family connections damaged by mental health conditions.

The entire MCAW team is skilled in delivering mental health therapy for adolescents. We pride ourselves on working with adolescents to give them the tools to manage their mental and behavioral health. At MCAW, we understand that evidence-based therapeutic techniques can help young people learn to manage their mental health and go on to live happy and healthy lives. Call us today at 855.940.6229 to learn more about our mental health therapy programs.

We Offer a Variety of Evidence-Based Adolescent Therapy Programs

Massachusetts Center for Adolescent Wellness provides adolescents with a variety of mental health therapy programs to help them navigate the challenging years of adolescence. Our compassionate and welcoming mental health professionals are dedicated to supporting teenagers through this critical stage of development. Our therapy programs include:

Family Therapy

Family therapy is utilized to help with education about mental health conditions, how to avoid triggers, and how to support each other. Intervening with family members can help with repairing relationships and addressing challenges encountered by the adolescent and their loved ones.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is used to treat a range of mental and behavioral health concerns. These include depression, anxiety, substance use disorder, eating disorders, and severe mental health conditions. Our team of trained therapists works directly with patients to reframe negative thinking patterns and develop healthy coping skills. Through working with a trusted therapist, adolescents can identify how their conditions manifest while learning to make healthier choices.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a modified version of CBT. However, the goal of this therapeutic approach is to teach patients mindfulness techniques and emotion regulation. At MCAW, adolescent patients will learn how to manage their emotions and find alternative coping skills to walk through distressing emotions. Through this approach, patients will be able to have improved relationships with others and stop self-destructive behaviors.

Mindfulness-Based Therapy

Mindfulness-based therapy uses similar techniques to CBT. Our team of clinicians uses this therapeutic approach to teach adolescents mindfulness. This helps patients learn to consciously pay attention to their feelings and thoughts. We teach all of our adolescent patients not to place judgments on their thoughts or feelings as they experience them.

Individual Therapy

At MCAW, we use individual psychotherapy or individual therapy to help treat our adolescent patients. During individual therapy, patients participate in a joint process with a qualified therapist. We use these sessions to discuss topics and challenges that are specific to the needs of each patient. During individual therapy, a clinician will determine the course of sessions and adjust a treatment plan as needed.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a process led by a trained group facilitator or multiple facilitators. During these sessions, patients will be participating with their adolescent peers who have similar mental and behavioral health challenges. Group therapy sessions are a time for patients to relate their experiences to one another. This process also helps build community and allows patients to feel supported in their recovery.

Art and Music Therapy

We utilize art and music therapy to help adolescents explore their emotions and find release. Our team focuses on the healing power art and music can have on people struggling with mental and behavioral health conditions. Patients will be encouraged to explore different artistic and creative mediums to heal and grow.

Trauma Therapy

At MCAW, we want to ensure that all adolescents in our care are treated with the patience and compassion they deserve. Our therapists are trained in the techniques of trauma-informed therapy. We use this approach for any of our patients who are recovering from trauma. These patients mustn’t be re-triggered or re-traumatized while undergoing treatment.

Motivational Interviewing Therapy

Motivational interviewing (MI) is a guiding style of communication that allows for listening and directing. The clinician engages with the adolescent in a way that empowers change by asking open-ended questions and providing affirmations, reflections, and summaries. MI is guided by expressing empathy, supporting self-efficacy, rolling with resistance, and developing discrepancy.

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Our team is ready to answer any additional questions about the mental health therapy programs we offer. If your loved one is struggling with mental or behavioral health concerns, there is hope. We work with families to rebuild trust and relationships. The first step of recovery is reaching out for help with the concern. At MCAW, we are here to help you navigate the treatment process and find a treatment plan that supports your adolescent’s unique needs. Contact us today at 855.940.6229 to get help finding a suitable therapy program for your child.