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Family Therapy for Adolescents

an adolescent teen sits between her mother and her therapist on a couch while in their family therapy program Self-exploration is a normal part of adolescence and can be challenging. However, when it begins to impact other areas of the teen’s life, it can signify that something is off. Finding treatment for adolescents can be complex for some families. However, in many cases, a family therapy program can help during the treatment process.

A family therapy program can help the teen navigate the challenges of adolescence while reinforcing the strong bond shared between the family unit. Massachusetts Center for Adolescent Wellness can help families navigate the therapeutic process. For more information about adolescent therapy programs, call us today at 855.940.6229.

How Does a Family Therapy Program Treat Adolescents?

Treating the entire family instead of just the adolescent can benefit the whole family unit. Family therapy can help treat various mental health conditions in adolescents.

Behavioral Problems

Family therapy treats teenagers exhibiting behavioral disturbances. The parents will also learn techniques to improve their child’s behavior and address the underlying causes of the issue.

Mental Health Difficulties and Mental Health Conditions

If the teen is dealing with depression or anxiety, the family members will learn how to support each other. Families can learn healthy coping skills and how to manage mental health symptoms together.

Substance Use

Family therapy can effectively treat teen substance use. This is because therapeutic intervention can help address the underlying issues contributing to addiction.

Difficult Life Transitions

Transitions such as divorce, remarriage, or the death of a family member can be challenging for teens. Family therapy can help families cope with these problematic changes and make the transition smoother for everyone.


Family members who don’t get along may end up in arguments and disagreements. Therapy helps families learn how to resolve conflict more constructively.

Communication Problems

Therapy helps teenagers who have trouble communicating with other family members. They’ll learn how to express themselves more effectively and healthily resolve conflicts.

Benefits of a Family Therapy Program for Teens

A family therapy program helps loved ones better support the adolescent who is struggling. When the entire family participates in the recovery process, relapse can be avoided. Family members may also experience an improvement in overall emotional health and well-being.

MCAW uses family therapy to improve the teen’s overall functioning and well-being by:

Increasing Communication and Bonding

Adolescents who are struggling may feel detached from their family members and vice versa. One of the main benefits of family therapy is improving communication between family members. It creates a stronger bond and closeness as family members can express themselves more openly.

Enhancing Mental Health

Family therapy reduces stress, anxiety, and depression and improves adolescents’ mental health. This approach to therapy can help teens open up to their family members. As a result, they may feel more comfortable expressing their mental health concerns and symptoms.

Increasing Problem-Solving Skills

Family counseling enhances problem-solving skills as family members work together to identify and resolve issues. Therapy sessions provide a safe space for adolescents and their families to address concerns. Therapists help with conflict resolution and teach effective conflict management.

Improving Coping Skills

Therapy helps teens develop healthy coping mechanisms for life stressors, promoting mental and emotional well-being. But it’s not just the struggling adolescent who benefits. Loved ones can also learn to cope with feelings and thoughts related to mental health.

Greater Understanding

Family therapy helps all members understand different perspectives and recover together. It fosters empathy, respect, and healing with the guidance of trained therapists.

Our Teen Family Therapy Practices Can Impact Your Child’s Well-Being

Family therapy helps adolescents improve their overall functioning and well-being by involving them in the following activities:

Youth Group Activities

Family therapy can help all members of the family unit better understand different perceptions and how to recover as a unit. It helps everyone understand their perspectives and feelings, leading to greater empathy and respect. Trained family therapists can help families heal and learn to continue recovering together.

Counseling Services

MCAW offers individualized counseling services for teens struggling with depression, anxiety, or addiction issues. Counseling is a highly effective tool for helping teens cope with their struggles and succeed academically and socially.

Arts and Culture Activities for Teens

MCAW has many arts and culture activities that appeal to teens and help them explore their interests and develop as individuals. These activities allow teens to express themselves creatively while helping them learn more about themselves and the world around them.

How Family Therapy Works

At MCAW, we understand that family therapy is essential to adolescents’ treatment and healing process. We work to:

  • Help family members understand and support their child’s treatment
  • Help the teens develop new skills and strategies for dealing with their situation
  • Assist families in making positive changes that support their child’s recovery
  • Provide support and guidance to adolescents as they work through their challenges

We understand that every family is unique, so our approach is customized accordingly. We can work with the entire family or meet with parents individually. We may also involve grandparents or siblings. Our family therapy services are confidential and provided by experienced therapists.

Call Massachusetts Center for Adolescent Wellness to Get Help with Our Family Therapy Program in Massachusetts

Teens struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, ADHD, substance use, and other mental health conditions may be vulnerable to the adverse effects of their struggles. They can also risk harming themselves due to intense emotions they have no outlet for releasing. MCAW provides teens with a safe, supportive environment and trained professionals to guide them toward positive change.

If a teen you care about is struggling with mental health concerns, contact us today at 855.940.6229 to learn more. Our team can answer any questions you may have and give you a better understanding of our family therapy program.