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Reviewer – Melanie Carbonneau

Dr. Melanie Carbonneau


Clinical Program Director

Melanie serves as the Clinical Director of the Massachusetts Center for Adolescent Wellness. Melanie is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Board Certified Music Therapist and holds her Ph.D. in Expressive Therapies. Melanie received her Master’s and Ph.D. at Lesley University in Cambridge MA. Melanie’s diverse clinical background is one of the essential factors that made her just the right fit to lead the team at MCAW. The program she has developed aims to treat the client as a whole and use different modalities to bring out each individual’s highest potential. Melanie’s program development at Massachusetts Center for Adolescent Wellness relies heavily on family and community supports as key elements to client growth, healing, and ability to thrive.  Families of the clients will be required to participate in the client’s treatment planning to foster a supportive social environment and promote the transition to community-based settings. Being able to provide direct patient care in the New England region has been a passion of Melanie’s for as long as she can remember.   In Melanie’s downtime she can’t seem to get away from the music.  She enjoys singing Karaoke wherever she can find an audience and a microphone.  When Melanie is not making her own art, reading or singing Karaoke, she is spending the most precious of her time with her son.